• Host Docker on a cloud provider.
    Minimum specs: 2 vCPU, 5 GB memory (e.g., AWS equivalent: t3.medium).
    Implement autoscaling for increased inbound throughput and queuing capacity.
  • Host the MySQL on a cloud provider.
    Options: AWS RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Heroku.
    Minimum specs: 2 vCPUs, 2 GB memory (e.g., AWS equivalent: t4g.small).


  • Utilize labels to keep track of your wallets, admins, and access tokens.
  • Regularly review the admins list to remove inactive and former team members.
  • Securely store access tokens and the secret key. Rotate these credentials if they are compromised.
  • Use access token with expirations to grant time-bound access.

Dev Wallets

  • Recommended: Use a wallet backed by AWS KMS or Google KMS for added security. These wallets ensure recoverable access, and private keys remain confidential.
  • If using a local wallet, back up the private key. The platform cannot recover private keys if the encrypted stored data is lost or corrupted.
  • Ensure your wallets have sufficient funds.