Running Relaychain Nodes

There are two different ways in which you can a Node, the first one being through Docker, and the second one through a Binary (either precompiled or Built from Source).



The Docker Image can be found on Docker Hub at: enjin/relaychain

You can use the following docker-compose.yml file:

    container_name: relaychain  
    image: enjin/relaychain:latest  
      - 9944:9944  
      - 9615:9615  
      - 30333:30333  
      - 30334:30334  
      - /MY/LOCAL/DIRECTORY:/chainstate  
    command: [  

Simply run the command docker-compose up -d to run the container.



$ ./enjin --name "enjin-relay-docker" --rpc-external --chain enjin

Connecting to your node

Depending on the use case, there are a couple of ways to connect to the node:

  • WebSocket Connection: ws://localhost:9944
  • RPC (HTTP) Connection: http://localhost:9944

Archive Node

In order to run an archive node, the following argument needs to be passed to either the binary or added to the command section of the docker-compose.yml file:


This should be appended after line 19 in the docker-compose.yml file, or at the end of the Binary execution command.