Websocket Events


Websocket URLs

Enjin Platform Cloud Canary: wss://ws-us2.pusher.com:443/app/76b7604dabc23c62be75?protocol=7

Enjin Platform Cloud Mainnet: wss://ws-us2.pusher.com:443/app/02cbd93e7842fb1db299?protocol=7

The Enjin Platform emits events that you can listen to for various operations.
For example, whenever a transaction is issued by your wallet daemon, an event is emitted via Websocket.

Listening to events is especially useful when awaiting for a transaction to be approved on-chain.

Platform events are emitted to the platform Websocket endpoint, in various channels.
For example, we can listen to events related to account address cxLU94nRz1en6gHnXnYPyTdtcZZ9dqBasexvexjArj4V1Qr8f by subscribing to the channel "cxLU94nRz1en6gHnXnYPyTdtcZZ9dqBasexvexjArj4V1Qr8f".


To get the full list of events and the channels they are broadcasted in, send the GetEvents query:

query {