What is Enjin Beam?
Learn more about Enjin's mass NFT distribution tool
Notice: Enjin Beam is currently in early access. To request access, please contact support.​
​Enjin Beam is a QR code-powered NFT distribution service created by the Enjin team to create, expand and engage with your audience.
Enjin Beam allows you to:
  1. 1.
    Easily create and generate QR codes in a few simple steps.
  2. 2.
    Mass-distribute NFTs in the form of a QR code - allowing only for a simple scan.
  3. 3.
    Build up your presence and create a user-friendly experience to reach anyone, from all different backgrounds (even non-crypto/blockchain gurus).
Enjin Beam is a part of the Enjin Platform product.

Additional Resources:

Types of Beams

Single-use QRs

Single-use QRs can be used for one-time claims of an individual asset.
An unique QR code will be generated for each individual asset you want to distribute. Once a single-use QR code is scanned, it is considered depleted and cannot be scanned again.

Multi-use QRs

Multi-use QRs can be used to distribute multiple assets using the same QR code. This allows you to create a single QR code to be displayed to a channel where multiple users are expected to scan the same QR code.
Multi-use QRs further branch into:
  • Airbeam: All users receive the same blockchain asset.
  • Lootbeam: A Lootbeam includes a variety of different blockchain assets and allows you to gamify the Beam experience. The chance of a user receiving an asset depends on the number of assets held in the smart contract; the fewer of an asset there is, the less likely a user is to receive it.

Beam Parameters

Learn about the different parameters you can utilize to customize your Beam experience.
  • IP restriction: If enabled, users will be restricted from claiming multiple items from the same IP address.
  • SMS validation: If enabled, SMS code verification will be required when claiming assets.
  • Password verification: If enabled, users will be required to enter (or set-up) their wallet password to claim assets.
  • Randomized sending order: If enabled, items in the Beam will be distributed in a randomized sequence.
  • Claim limit per device: Specify the maximum number of claims possible through an individual Beam for any given device.
  • Beam Tags (optional): You are able to assign tags to individual Beams to easily categorize and analyze claim data.
  • Beam Metadata (optional): You are able to assign custom metadata to your Beams (key and corresponding value parameters)
  • Reveal Codes: Blockchain assets containing reveal codes can be minted and sent via Enjin Beam. When unveiled, these hidden messages can deliver exclusive benefits such as discounts, event tickets, early access, gift cards, and more.
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