Introduction to Enjin Platform SDKs

Learn how to get started with the Enjin SDKs
The Enjin Platform SDKs provide a framework that developers can use on their desired programming language as it allows games and apps to interact with the Enjin API without the need of building a bridge between your application and our API requests, the Enjin SDKs facilitate the usage of listening and processing of events emitted by the Enjin Cloud, which helps us deliver a better user-experience in our application and eliminate unnecessary API requests we would otherwise make to the Enjin Platform.

V.2 Schemas Documentation

The documentation for the Enjin SDKs pertains to the Project and Player schemas which are part of our V.2 API GraphQL Schemas. To enable The Project and Player schema, please refer to this section in our documentation - Enabling V.2 Schemas.

SDK Libraries