Events in the blockchain ecosystem refer to significant occurrences or actions that take place within the blockchain network. These events can encompass a wide range of activities, such as the creation or modification of a digital asset, the execution of balances transferred, and any other activity that changes the state of the chain. Events are recorded and stored as part of the blockchain, ensuring a transparent and immutable record of all activities.
By monitoring and analyzing blockchain events, users and developers can gain insights into the flow of information and respond to specific triggers or conditions within the network. It plays a crucial role in facilitating decentralized applications and games, enabling programmable interactions, and enhancing overall functionality.
Here we will also show you how to see events either from Polkadot-JS or within the Enjin Platform.
Using Polkadot-JS
In the explorer tab, you can find the recent events emitted in the network. Those will appear as soon as they are emitted.
You can also see the events emitted in a single block by querying the block directly
Using Enjin Platform
You can check emitted events from a transaction made through the platform by using the query GetTransaction as followed:
Our platform sends in a WebSocket channel the events from the network, the equivalent of recent events from polkadot-js, it is important to know that besides the network events, there are also events specific from the Enjin Platform that are also sent in here.
As WebSockets can be unstable and if your system loses connection it may miss a few events, we also cache the events in a query called GetPendingEvents thus the best way of having real-time updates while making sure nothing is missed is to always acknowledge the events received.
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