Enjin Documentation

Creating Your Player

Learn how to create your player in order to start processing queries and mutations through the Enjin Platform API.

Create your User/Player

After you have created your Enjin Platform collection, it's time to create your user/player, this is mandatory if you are planning on running processes that need to be approved by your developer wallet.
To do this, reach out for the GraphQL Playground menu at the top right corner of your screen, or you can also access it through these links.
Ethereum (Mainnet) API (GraphiQL): https://cloud.enjin.io/graphql/playground
Goerli (Testnet) API (GraphiQL): https://goerli.cloud.enjin.io/graphql/playground
After accessing the GraphQL Playground, select your project using the V.2 schemas and enter the following mutation, make sure to enter the username of your user/player credential.
mutation {
CreatePlayer(id: "Your Username") {
Using this query should return a unique Access Token for yourself. You will want to keep this Access Token server-side, and somewhere stored securely.