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What is Goerli?

Learn more about Goerli Testnet and how it relates to the Enjin Platform.

What is Goerli?

The Goerli (Görli) blockchain is a PoA (Proof-of-Authority) public cross-client testing blockchain, created and maintained by the Ethereum community to assist the Ethereum development, with Goerli, developers are allowed to perform blockchain development testing before deploying their smart contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet. It was created in 2018 during ETHBerlin.

How does the Enjin Platform interact with Goerli?

The Enjin Platform utilizes Goerli to allow developers to integrate and test their integrations within the Enjin Platform using a safe and cost-free environment to prevent loss of funds and to test possible use-case scenarios that are only available in the Enjin Mainnet platform or through Jumpnet.
To interact with the Enjin Platform Goerli environment, you can access this link -
Please note that in order to interact with the Goerli environment, you would need to have some GENJ and GETH, which can be acquired here -
Goerli Faucets
For GENJ - enj.in/support
After you have received the Testnet tokens in your Enjin Wallet, you would also need to enable developer mode in the Enjin Wallet app, which can be done by following this guide. This is also necessary in order to interact with the Testnet Environments in the Enjin Platform.