Enjin Wallet Daemon Overview

The Wallet Daemon is a tool that you can use to automate the authorization of transaction requests to and from the Enjin Platform.
Without the Wallet Daemon, you would need to sign (authorize) every in-game blockchain transaction via the Enjin Wallet (e.g., sending a sword to a player).
Wallet Daemon manages an Ethereum address linked to an Enjin Platform user. When a transaction is submitted on the Enjin Platform, the Wallet Daemon receives that specific request, signs it, and sends it back to the Enjin Platform.
Currently, only a console version of the Wallet Daemon is available. In the future, we will likely create a simple graphical user interface to make it easier for you to use.

In case you encounter any errors while setting the Wallet Daemon up, please contact our support team at enj.in/discord.
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Enjin Wallet Daemon Overview