Wallet Redesigns & NFT.io Enhancements

This changelog update featuring the redesigned Collection and NFT views in Enjin Wallet, the new 'Add to Cart' feature on NFT.io, as well as other quality of life enhancements across the Enjin Ecosystem.

  • Blockchain

    • An issue preventing accounts with 0.1 ENJ or less from dispatching using the dispatch_and_touch fuel tank extrinsic was fixed.
    • Additional validation checks have been added to the Whitelisted Collections fuel tank rule, now verifying the whitelisted collection on extrinsics that lacks a collection_id parameter, such as cancelListing.
  • Enjin Wallet

    • NFT Views Redesign: Enhanced designs have been introduced for the Collection view and NFT view, offering more details and a better-organized interface.

    • Transaction Request Redesign: An updated design has been applied to the transaction request modal, providing a more streamlined view of the request.

    • Cross-Chain Swaps: Bitcoin support has been added, enabling the swapping of tokens between Bitcoin BTC and native ENJ / Ethereum ERC-20 directly from the Enjin wallet app.

    • Staking History: 'Offer Cancelled' activity has been added.

  • NFT.io

    • Add To Cart: Tokens can now be added to cart, allowing for a quick checkout of multiple tokens at once.

    • Loading animations: Enhanced animations have been implemented for loading a collection or awaiting for wallet’s signature.

    • Bug fixes:

      • A bug that was causing inaccessibility for collections with special characters in their names has been fixed.
      • Bugs that were causing the collection banner to be disrupted or raising a “Collection Not Found” error message after editing a collection have been fixed.
    • Other UI enhancements have been implemented to improve the user experience.