Enjin Canary Testnet Tools

To save time and money, we recommend building your initial proof-of-concept on Enjin Canary Testnet – the fast and free environment for testing Enjin's tools.

Enjin Blockchain Mainnet is immutable, which means all transactions processed on it will exist on its ledger forever and attract gas fees and will exist on its ledger forever.

Building on Testnet

  1. Download the Enjin Wallet.
  2. Acquire some cENJ to test with.
  3. Create an Enjin Platform account.
Enjin Cloud PlatformThe plug-and-play Web3-integration platform, enabling you to launch a full-scale valuable economy with ease.
API Key & SettingsEnjin Platform settings where you can generate your API Key, authenticate your wallet account, and more.
API EndpointUse this to interact with the Enjin Platform API: https://platform.canary.enjin.io/graphql
API PlaygroundAn easy-to-use interface where you can run queries and mutations powered by Enjin’s GraphQL API.
Enjin WalletA powerful cross-chain wallet that allows you to sign transactions and manage your assets on both mainnet and testnet.
cENJ FaucetUse this faucet to load testnet tokens (cENJ) into your account, enabling you to process unlimited transactions on the testnet for free.
NFT.io MarketplaceThe Enjin Blockchain’s on-chain NFT marketplace that can be natively integrated into your games and apps
Subscan Block ExplorerAllows you to extract, visualize, and review Canary data, including vital information about transactions, such as transaction history, wallet balances, fees, and other useful metrics.