Giveaways & Promotions

How to harness the power of Enjin Beam to enhance your game's reach and player base:

  1. Create Exclusive Giveaways: Generate QR codes for exclusive in-game items and distribute them on social media channels. The allure of limited-edition assets can quickly grab the attention of potential players.

  2. Leverage Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with influencers and provide them with unique QR codes to share with their followers. It's a win-win situation that boosts your visibility and gives influencers rewards to engage their audience.

  3. Enhance Live Events: If you're at a gaming convention or hosting a launch party, display QR codes around the venue. It's an interactive way to engage attendees and give them a compelling asset that draws them towards joining your community.

  4. Run Scavenger Hunts: Organize virtual or real-world scavenger hunts where players can find and scan QR codes to collect valuable in-game items. It's a fun way to encourage exploration and interaction with your brand.

  5. Cross-Promote with Other Brands: Partner with other brands to include your game's QR codes in their products or venues. This can introduce your game to entirely new audiences.

  6. Integrate into Advertising Campaigns: Use QR codes in your digital and billboard ads, making it easy for interested viewers to directly engage with your game prior to downloading it.

  7. Incentivize Content Creation: Encourage your community to create content by offering QR codes as rewards for user-generated videos, fan art, or stories.

  8. Offer as Rewards for Feedback: Provide QR codes as a thank-you to players who participate in surveys or provide valuable feedback on your game.

  9. Boost Social Media Interactions: Run social media contests where participants can receive a QR code for sharing your posts, using certain hashtags, or tagging friends.

By strategically placing Enjin Beam QR codes, you create multiple touchpoints for engagement that can lead to a surge in new players and heightened excitement for your game.