User Retention

There are many ways our tools can help you with user retention, but you need to be congnizant of the opportunities, and construct your economy accordingly with the following concepts in mind:

  1. Rewards and Incentives: Set up systems that reward players for their in-game achievements and participation in emotionally compelling ways. Tokens can be used to unlock exclusive content and experiences, providing continuous motivation for players to stay active within your game.

  2. Network Effects: The social dynamic of real-value ecosystem encourages people to showcase their status in the form of their assets and accomplishments. This sense of community is key to retaining users, as it encourages advanced social structures and gives your players a feeling of significance in your game's social ecosystem.

  3. Legacy & Provenance: Blockchain inherently records the history and lineage of an item, adding to its perceived value and its story within your game's lore. When players possess items that have a storied history or were previously owned by famous players, they’re much more likely to stay engaged.

  4. Cross-Promotions: Utilize Enjin to orchestrate special events or collaborations with other games and brands, which can rejuvenate the gaming experience for existing players.