User Acquisition

Out of the box, Enjin helps you acquire more players in the following ways:

  1. Unique Collectibles: Create and distribute unique digital collectibles that tap into the innate human desire for rarity and individuality. These items can foster community and social interaction, as well as provide status within the gaming world, making your game more attractive to new players.

  2. Real-World Value: Blockchain assets have real value through true ownership, giving users control to own, trade, and gift indefinitely. This draws players with the promise of earning tokens with real-world worth, boosting both game acquisition and player engagement.

  3. Giveaways & Promotions: You can use Enjin Beam to distribute in-game assets through QR codes, sparking interest across social media and at physical events. This method creates buzz and introduces new players to your game.

  4. Network Effects: Allowing players to collect, craft, and trade their gaming assets allows them to engage each other as valued participants in the economy. An active community can attract new players through word-of-mouth and social proof. It also fosters a collaborative environment where experienced players are motivated to support new players, recruit them into their micro-communities, and teach them how to play the game.

  5. Brand Partnerships: Blockchain is a fertile playground for co-marketing opportunities that open doors to new audiences by tapping into the customer bases of partnered brands and influencers. This can be an effective strategy for reaching players who might not have discovered your game otherwise.