Enjin offers the opportunity to leverage multiple monetization strategies to help you drive sustainable revenue to your company. Ultimately, allowing you to scale up your operations and build bigger and better experiences:

  1. Game Item Sales: Mint and sell special items, skins, characters, real estate, blueprints, mounts, or abilities as blockchain assets, offering expanded experiences while appealing to the natural human inclination to value exclusivity and personalization.

  2. Microtransactions: Implement microtransactions for small boosts or items that help players reach acquire valuable collectibles.

  3. Subscriptions: Offer premium drops, features, and content through subscription plans, providing you with a steady income.

  4. Royalties: Enjin protects studios with protocol-level NFT royalties allowing you to receive a cut from all secondary sales of your game's assets.

  5. In-Game Marketplaces: Integrate into your game to enable the trade of your assets and external assets, allowing you to earn listing fees and trading commissions from all transactions processed through your game.

  6. UGC Marketplaces: Allow players to create and sell content for your game, expanding your game’s experience, while allowing your to earn listing and trading commissions from the transactions you facilitate.

  7. Tokenized Ads: Integrate tokenized advertising or partnership deals, where space within your game can be bought by brands, bringing in revenue while enhancing the player experience.